Ligature, Loop & Stem

You might be wondering where everything went. While we’ve all been busy with different pursuits, LL&S hasn’t received quite the attention it’s deserved, so we’re making a change.

  • Ampersands Print
  • Lesson Plan Letterpress Edition Print
  • Lesson Plan Second Flight Edition Print
  • SOGO Japan Charity Print

After chatting with our friends at Fairgoods recently, we agreed that partnering with them was the right direction for the future of LL&S.

The remaining SOGO Japan prints are now available at Fairgoods and work has begun on a pair of long-standing LL&S requests. If you already follow LL&S on Twitter or our (super duper low volume) mailing list, you’ll be first to know when these things are ready.

Thanks, and stay tuned.

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