Through Lines 002

Proud of my friend Debbie for her amazing TED Talk which you can watch above.

  • Somehow I’ve missed Orientation from Commercial Type until now. A fresh take on a traditional stencil typeface. That æ character especially… swoon!
  • Critique much? Some solid advice via Dan Saffer on how to do this right. Ultimately, “the purpose of a critique is to make the design better.”
  • Yet one more reason to get yourself to the Letterform Archive.
  • Having been deeply involved in supporting the creation of a proper archive of the Analog Lab’s work from the last ten years recently, this symposium in New York is very relevant to my interests.
  • Pragmatism and utopia “…Imagine what we can achieve by trying” — an interesting read.
  • Little moments of solitude are good for the mind. I quite enjoy going to the movies alone. Bike rides serve the same purpose for me.