Through Lines 004

Apropos of nothing I realized recently that it had been a while since I last listened to the old Genesis chestnut “Supper’s Ready” — particularly the mid-70s version after Phil Collins took over singing duties from Peter Gabriel. This section of the 23-minute-long opus is a glimpse of the frontman he would become, despite being barely recognizable behind the shaggy hair and beard.

The song (strangely) seems to work for me to pass time on my bike, which is currently hooked up to the stationary mount in my garage.

Interesting Reads and Media

  • Now is not the time for b.s. Required reading from Mandy Brown.
  • Well, now I adore Phoebe Bridgers even more.
  • A great starting place to keep your mind and hands busy while cooped up at home. Thanks Able!
  • We’ve never been closer to the edge of losing touch with ourselves in the real world than right now. A critical and important message from Douglas Rushkoff.
  • A prescient question from David Byrne — are we willing to do what’s necessary?
  • Making room is a life-long pursuit.
  • “Continuous meetings plus the expectation of immediate answers is why many of us don’t really have time to get actual work done at work anymore.” Bingo — thanks Jason.
  • Endlessly interesting if you ask me.