Through Lines 014

This will surely be a powerful series of films from Emmy winning documentary filmmaker John Sutter. Baselines are shifting all throughout our lives right now, but how that’s impacted our view of the planet may end up being the most important of all.

  • Having thoroughly enjoyed the newsletter, a book form of Self-Reliance: Thoughts for a New World from Jessica Helfand and designed by Jarrett Fuller was an easy decision to back. I’m excited to revisit it in a new form and think you would too.
  • I think we all have some steam to vent these days… Is there a limit to how many times a week I can use this?
  • We’re long past the point of a real reckoning with social media companies.
  • More proof that Phoebe Bridgers is the best.
  • This is my place on the internet for many of the reasons Letecia astutely outlines.
  • Ok Seattle, you win. I’ll root for your team based on that logo alone.
  • Thanks for this Cassie. Really, so much so.
  • Yup.