Through Lines 015

Since I was first introduced to Nathaniel Russell through the art program at work back in, I think 2013, he’s become a personal favorite for his ability to blend language, imagery, wit, and astute observation of the human condition. This video is particularly soothing and I wish I was even a tenth that comfortable with my ability to just draw.

  • I’m enjoying this series from Richard Baird on ideas, particularly relevant for a few things I’m currently working on.
  • File under: Things I Didn’t Expect — I quite like the new Taylor Swift record. Ditto this alternate version of the first single cardigan co-written by Aaron from The National.
  • Apple knows how to design beautiful architectural features.
  • A symbol of the future? Probably.
  • Ten beautiful images from the late Milton Glaser. That cover for The Tempest is something.
  • Ah, existential dread, I know thee well…
  • Super cool.