Through Lines 035

Movie props are one of the unsung heroes of film. On screen for often just a moment, they can be critical to plot, or reinforce a scene’s believability. Ross MacDonald has a fun, but challenging job indeed. His studio would be an exciting place to play too.

  • A delicious nugget of advice from Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist. I think we all know at least one person like this. Or are living this every day.
  • An intriguing modern take on the classic Aetna type style by Mark Simonson with his new release Etna. A fabulous and informative microsite as well.
  • What if you could do it all over? It’s easy to think we’d want to, but as Rothman says “Selves and lives have penumbras and possibilities — that’s what’s unique about them. They are always changing, and so are always new…”
  • Can’t help but nod along with Colly because I agree with him whole heartedly.
  • These new Sentinel Ornaments from H&Co. are a delight.
  • “When you attempt to quantify a qualitative service, you reduce the entire relationship to a short term numbers game that designers rarely win.” This a thousand times. Thanks Josh.
  • A wee bit of required reading if you enjoyed Ted Lasso. If you did not, please see yourself to the door. Or maybe read it because it might change your mind.
  • Part 1 of Typographica's annual Favorite Typefaces round up. Always a good read full of interesting, and sometimes new-to-me selections.
  • Instant Dreams is somehow new to me. Perfect for winter holiday viewing.
  • I can’t say I’m at all surprised, but more reasons I’m ready to drop Instagram entirely.
  • I definitely need a couple of these lens cap tethers.
  • Blue Milk Mando Macarons. Mmmmmm.