Through Lines 056

A nice treat to see the amazing Kathleen Edwards’s delightful new Tiny Desk performance this week. Add the surprise of a new Tragically Hip album called Saskadelphia coming and everything’s coming up Canada!

  • 50! As a long subscription member to Field Notes quarterly editions, this 50th set is something special indeed. The subscriber-only Desk Ledger is a thing of beauty (mind arrived on Wednesday).
  • “What we need are not more energy-efficient cars or self-driving cars or, as Zimmer fantasized, privately owned fleets that are available for hire, but fewer cars entirely. We need people biking, walking, taking buses and trains and subways, or otherwise riding in something besides a free-ranging, 3,000-pound metal exoskeleton with an error-prone operator, digital or human.” 100 percent agree.
  • Yes, I’m linking to a press release, but these new accessibility features coming to Apple’s OSes are something to celebrate. Brilliant stuff all around.
  • “The only thing you have to lose is clutter.” A handy (new to me) macOS tip.
  • I seem to recall a presentation addressing the extensive history of Aldo Novarese’s Stadio at TypeCon a few years back, but Zetafonts have gone all out on this great looking Stadio Now revival.
  • I really like this ongoing interview series that Debbie’s doing over at Print. Even better when they include my bud Tony and his wife Adrienne.
  • I certainly have a soft spot for the classic Airstream trailer, so this documentary Alumination I suspect will be a must-watch.
  • Well, I’m definitely sold on the forthcoming Loki show on Disney+ now.
  • Oooooooooh Gridlite is definitely going on my type wishlist.
  • I may have posted about Transducer before, but hey, here it is again if I did. James makes some nice type and he’s a swell fella to boot.
  • Mirna Pierce’s curvy, funky, fun display face View has something groovy going on.
  • So many hard truths and lolz.