Through Lines 065

Ted Lasso is back! July 23rd can’t come soon enough — and not just because I start a couple weeks of vacation that day either!

  • Sitting Still is a favorite classic R.E.M. tune. This original recording of the track from the B-side of their first single in 1983 has such a loose and rowdy vibe.
  • Marvel’s forthcoming What If…? animated series looks like it’ll be pretty wild if the trailer is any indication. Loki has been excellent also.
  • Dear friends in the UK, maybe I can convince one of you to help me snag a bottle of this Phoebe Waller Bridge Edinburgh Gin. Pretty please :)
  • “The visual language that has emerged from the Golden State continues to rewrite the rules of design through the unrestrained use of color, stylistic hybridity and the juxtaposition of high and low culture.” Via KCET.
  • The problem with all our social media technology is not necessarily the technology, but us. The last lines in this article sum it up nicely.
  • This week’s new favorite kinda funky grotesque is ES Rebond Grotesque from Extraset. That Q, K, @ symbol and numerals <3
  • Speaking of grotesque’s… I would be remiss to exclude RenĂ© Bieder’s fab Freigeist superfamily which is full of intriguing details and overflowing with character.
  • Typofonderie’s new Allumi Inline family is really interesting and unexpected
  • Battery Park is some gritty, grimy type from Rian Hughes and I like it a lot.
  • Brickit is a real practical (and seemingly kind of magical) app built on AI and machine learning for iOS. Very clever indeed.
  • Love these new Raven Story stamps from the USPS.