Through Lines 072

I for one have greatly missed Jon Stewart particular take on the world, so his return to the screen (and I guess a podcast too) is very welcome.

  • “The digital order deobjectifies the world by rendering it information.” Byung-Chui Han hits the nail right on the head with regard to what we lose as everything becomes more digital. Regrettably my German reading skills are nearly non-existent.
  • I’m all for the sublime beauty of Surface Tension from Tabitha Soren so perfectly captures an experience so many of us live day to day.
  • Polaroid are at it again with a new Polaroid Now+ camera. I’m definitely going to need a bigger camera shelf. Also, hi Hattie :)
  • I have a soft spot for Pink Floyd’s Momentary Lapse of Reason. It’s remarkable how different the new mixes that sort un-80’s the recordings sound — and and if any band out there could do something interesting with spatial audio, it’s Pink Floyd.
  • If you’re interested in to learning how to gild glass, there is literally no one better to learn from than David Smith.
  • Deliberate Worry. I feel seen. And I guess I have some work to do…
  • I really do need to pick up the IBM: Visual Memoranda book.
  • Favorite new term this week: meh-taverse.
  • A reminder: refuse Uline.