Through Lines 110

Wilco’s new Cruel Country is full of little, understated gems. The track “The Universe” is a personal favorite maybe because it feels like the version of the band I truly love.

  • As Apple has been incrementally removing a lot of vital web development scripting and runtimes from macOS, World Wide Web from IconFactory may be a good, simple solution for many.
  • I’m intrigued by what's coming from the Browser Co. though I’m skeptical about the idea of paying a monthly fee for a web browser, especially if it ends up costing more than a Netflix subscription.
  • It breaks my brain a bit to think about all these undersea fibre optic internet cables and how any of it actually functions without, you know, fish, whales, sharks and other things impacting them.
  • A through run-through of handling responsive images with the Kirby CMS, the one that runs this exact site. Perfect sabbatical reading for me.
  • Carlo Rovelli’s books on big ideas but written for normal people are some of my favorite. His latest is a must-read for me.
  • Wil, you’re not the only one to miss the smaller, nicer internet.
  • Life - Work is top of mind for me right at this exact moment.
  • Also relevant right now. Thanks, Greg.

Notable Type Releases

  • There’s a jaunty, rhythmic pulse built into Blazetype’s Dudler with its juxtaposition of condensed and almost geometric forms.
  • Dwight from Lift Type for whatever reason makes me think it would be as much at home on the side of a shipping container as it would branding its namesake Dunder Mifflin. Includes a great set of special ligatures too.
  • This Ghost from Weltkern is different from the other Ghost, instead an elegant brutalist serif with sharp angular serifs. I am all here for both of them though.
  • The low contrast serifs of Timezone from Hanzer Liccini would be well-suited for printing on the Risograph and where its details are revealed at larger sizes.
  • Do I need another condensed sans serif? No, but that doesn’t mean I’m not enamored by Neutronic Compressed which is available through Future Fonts. The paperclip C is a real eye-catcher and once the other weights are built out, I could see this being a real workhorse, especially if paired with its sister Neutronic.
  • Speaking of condensed and not to be outdone, Job Clarendon Compressed Hairlines pushes the original Job Clarendon by DJR to a new extreme of thinness.