Through Lines 112

Hiromu Oka’s Risograph animations are, kind of insane and certainly something that pushes the idea of using the Riso as part of one’s workflow for animation to a whole new, entirely (in his words) uneconomic level. Indeed.

Notable Type Releases

  • Overpass 4.0 from Delve Fonts adds Cyrillic language support, new variable font capabilities and more.
  • Lettersoup’s new Milka stencil typeface would be comfortably at home on packaging or wooden shipping crates with it’s Soft, Dry, Crunchy, Brittle, and Aged styles.
  • Jooks Script has graduated to version 0.3 on Future Fonts. Those abrupt upstrokes are just great and give it such a nice jaunty visual rhythm.
  • Dunwich Type Founders new Becker Gothics family lands at just the right time as I’m digging back into reverse glass gilding. I particularly like the little notches in the Tuscan style which are a little odd but make it totally unique.
  • Kris Sowersby added to the existing The Future reimagining of Paul Renner’s classic Futura with a new, now completed Mono family. As usual with Kris’ releases, it comes with extensive background research.
  • Prisma from Superior Type is definitely going on my wishlist. I don’t think I’d go setting heavy text blocks with it, but for big headlines, it will shine.