Through Lines 133

Is web3 bullshit?, a required viewing talk by Molly White.

  • Tony Gilroy, his brothers and everyone on the cast and crew of Andor have truly made a masterpiece in the Star Wars canon. Not because it’s like the Star Wars people know, but because it threw the book out the window.
  • “Instead of viewing hybrid work as a disruption to the cultural experience, leaders should see it as an opportunity to build culture differently.” This is the HBR article I was looking for, especially given the events of this past week.
  • How to fight back against the inhumanity of work. “The rise of digital technology requires us, as a culture, to re-examine what it means for work to be humane.”
  • This story of glass recyclers in New Orleans is really quite amazing. The world needs more people to take on these types of challenges. Truly inspiring.
  • The world’s smallest printing press? The Open Press Projectis at it again to further shrink their open-source press to make it even smaller.
  • Aerial is a typeface system designed not for paper, but for the sky!
  • One more reason to love NetNewsWire: you can subscribe to Twitter feeds without having to directly engage in that very quickly deteriorating service directly.
  • Dear Artists: Do Not Fear AI Image Generators, an essay by Paul Ford.
  • RIP Kevin Conroy, the true voice of Batman.

Notable Type Releases

  • The Epika family from Superior Type has been expanded with a new set of decorative grotesque sans varieties covering a wide range of weights and widths as part of a larger universal type system. Epika Sans, Epika Sans Condensed, Epika Sans Extra Condensed, and Epika Sans Extended.
  • Studio Feixin Sans is the wildly interesting, chameleon-esque while still being useful sans serif type family you’ve been waiting for. I have at least.
  • Harry Winters’ Roslyn Gothic influenced Disc, debuting this week on Future Fonts brings super tight spacing in its heavy cut to a rather humanist form. I am here for it.
  • Sudtipos released the new 4 axis variable Varietta which mixes Spanish and Italian influences along with an interesting handling of inverted contrast throughout.

This quarantine issue brought to you by… (drumroll) “I finally caught COVID.”