Tidal Arch

A black and white photo of a wavy, concrete arch folding in on itself along a plinth with a street on the right and an office park building on the left
Black and white photo of a brass placard for Tidal Arch by artist Adrien Segal in 2022

I was feeling a little restless today so I decided to take Maple for a little drive out to Alameda, somewhere I haven’t spent a lot of time beyond the monthly Alameda Point Antiques Market. One stop was to visit my friend, Adrien Segal’s new public art installation which was recently installed as part of the city’s public art program.

I first met Adrien during her residency at Facebook back in 2015. Her work is wonderfully conceptual, driven by a rigorous scientific approach and deep empathy for the natural environment, technical in its design and execution yet comes across as intuitive and maybe almost inevitable. I’m a big fan and it was a treat to visit this in person.