All the Old Showstoppers Print Box Set

All the hits, the misses, and the best print B-sides

Printmaking and design both offer an outlet for ideas and expression — and in my experience, naturally influence each other. This project came to life during a reflective sabbatical period away from “work” and other personal projects where I found myself drawn to dig into my archives.

All the Old Showstoppers box set packaging
All the Old Showstoppers box set prints
All the Old Showstoppers prints
Laser cutting the custom Risograph-printed box
Close up of All the Old Showstoppers box cover
Closeup of All the Old Showstoppers box cover
Detail of Design is Not Neutral print
Pile of Focus prints
Pile of The Public Revolution prints
Do You Think She'll Find Your WhatsApp Love Letter in Her Attic in 40 Years? print
Pile of laser cut screenprinted offcuts

Until now the majority of the fifteen prints included in this set have only existed as poster-sized screenprints, so revisiting them at a new size, in a new format, and incorporating different processes was an exciting chance to resurface ideas originally left on the cutting room floor or that could give many of these designs a new life.

In some cases, such as the Focus print, this became the opportunity to realize the concept as intended, introducing motion and dimension. And as the full set came together, the packaging itself transformed from a simple band into a custom laser-cut and scored folio along with other elements.

An edition of 30 numbered sets are now available.