How Real is a Digital Future?

The Making of An Impossible Project

Is the future digital or analog? Or is it something else — a hybrid of the two? Along with Florian “Doc” Kaps, the man who saved Polaroid film from disappearing, and award-winning Berlin-based director Jens Meurer, I embarked on an adventure to investigate and understand the place of real things in an increasingly digital world.

How Real is a Digital Future?
Doc and I at Supersense in Vienna
Printing at the Analog Lab in Menlo Park
Filming at Sudbahnhotel in Semmering

This project was anchored in a feature-length documentary film called An Impossible Project which debuted in January 2020 during IFFR in Rotterdam.

This poster was sent as an invitation to a select group of visionaries for a once-in-a-lifetime event at the incredible S├╝dbahnhotel, located outside Vienna in Semmering, Austria. The event, and the production of the poster itself, were captured on 35mm film for the documentary as well as for a special behind-the-scenes feature.